The Architectural Review challenges and inspires architects to reflect more deeply on the purpose of architecture and its relationship with the wider world. 

Through its authoritative coverage of buildings, urbanism, theory and technology, it is a touchstone of inspiration and integrity for the global architectural community. It currently has readers in over 100 countries, most of whom are either practising architects or architecture students. A key aspect of its role is as a journal of record, forming a unique archive of buildings from around the world.

Responding to current challenges, both globally and to the profession, the AR aims to be propositional, relevant, engaging and expansive, offering critical thinking for critical times. Editorially and visually rich, the AR appeals to an exacting professional readership, delivering a thoughtful and stimulating array of subject matter in a compelling graphic format, both in print and online. Anchored by deep historical roots while embracing the potential of the digital age, the AR has a crucial role to play in disseminating the shifting dynamic between architecture and society.