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Challenging and inspiring architecture to think more deeply about architecture and it relationship with the wider world

The Architectural Review Issue 1230, August 1999


Museu Serralves museum of contemporary art, Oporto (Alvaro Siza Vieira), p. 28-33; New wing of the Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam (Kisho Kurokawa), p. 34-37; Dundee Contemporary Arts centre (Richard Murphy Architects), p. 38-43; Conference centre and theatre, Recklinghausen, Germany (Auer & Weber), p. 44-48; Kornhaus cafe, Bern, Switzerland (Claudio Silvestrin), by Penny McGuire, p. 49-51; Women in Military Service to America Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Va (Weiss Manfredi Architects), by Alexia Metcalf, p. 52-56; Air Canada airline lounge, Vancouver (Patkau Architects), p. 57-59; Magenta and Haussmann underground stations on the E line of the RER, Paris (AREP), p. 60-67; Flat, Battersea, London (Patel Taylor Architects), p. 68-71; Che restaurant, Economist Building, London (Fletcher Priest), p. 72-73; Architects' own offices, Soho, New York, NY (Helfand Myerberg Guggenheimer), p. 74-75; Arts of Korea gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY (Kyu Sung Woo), p. 76-77.