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The Architectural Review Issue 1283, January 2004

The Architectural Review Issue 1283, January 2004


On buildings made of earth-based materials such as stone, brick and concrete. Public library, the Biblioteca Lazaro Carreter, Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid (Churtichaga & Quadra-Salcedo), p. 22-28; Forum for Contemporary Art museum, Saint Louis, Mo (Allied Works Architecture), p. 29-35; Simmons Hall student residence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Ma (Steven Holl), p. 36-41; Public Library, Waterford, Ireland (McCullough Mulvin), p. 42-47; Museum - the Musee du Pays de Sarrebourg, Sarrebourg, France (Bernard Desmoulin), p. 48-50; Quinta Santa Ovidio chapel, Douro, Portugal (Alvaro Siza), p. 51-53; Phaeno Science Centre, Wolfsburg, Germany (Zaha Hadid Architects), p. 54-59; Glorious mud - adobe architecture in West Africa, p. 60-65.