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The Architectural Review Issue 1217 July 1998

The Architectural Review Issue 1217 July 1998


Lisbon Expo, p. 26-39 [including - Redefining Expo: Lisbon 98 legacy of buildings and infrastructure, p. 26-27 / Portuguese pavilion (Alvaro Siza), p. 28-30 / Utopia pavilion (Skidmore Owings & Merrill, and Regino Cruz), p. 31-33 / Oriente station (Santiago Calatrava), p. 34-35 / Pavilion of the future (Paula Santos, Rui Ramos and Miguel Guedes), p. 36-37 / Knowledge of the seas pavilion (Joao Luis Carrilho da Graca), p. 38-39]; Conversion of a monastery into a hotel, Santa Maria do Bouro, Braga, Portugal (Eduardo Santa Maria de Moura), p. 40-44; Stade de France, Saint Denis, France (Macary Zublena Costantini Regembal), p. 46-49; Kansantaiteenkeskuksen folk art centre, Kaustinen, Finland (Kaira Lahdelma Mahlamaki), p. 50-53; UFA Palast cinema, Dresden, Germany (Coop Himmelblau), p. 54-58; Sports centre, Davos, Switzerland (Gigon & Guyer), p. 59-61; Sports hall, Oberhambach, Germany (Peter Hubner), p. 62-65; Nautical centre, Bandol, France (Rudy Ricciotti), p. 66-68; Holiday cottage, Risor, Norway (Carl-Viggo Holmebakk), p. 69-71.